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Charlie's glowing apple tree, a gift from his friend Greg,
who arranged eight sets of lights on the tree in freezing weather!
Just seeing it from this window every night before I go to bed makes me smile.



"hmmmm! This looks interesting!"

Christmas Eve


Christmas Pajama Time!
Happy with their Christmas Pajamas?

Christmas Day at the Bymans

Christmas Day Outside

"What is my little sister trying to do?"

"Enough, Ashela!""!

"I give up!"

Christmas Day In the Hot Tub

Bathing Beauties

Christmas Day Inside

Helpful Alexander!

Charlotte had to work today.

Watching Molly's 2023 Christmas Calendar

Every year Molly designs a Family Calendar and gives one to each of us. It's filled with Photos of all of us, our special events, birthdays and travels. It is a gift of Molly's love, creativity and joy spread throughout the year
and has become a hightlight of our Christmas!
The calendars weren't printed on time for Christmas this year, so Molly arranged a Christmas private showing.

Yankee Swap Time


Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas! Now a Nap!

Happy Birthday, Yiayia!


A Very Happy Birthday!

Molly's Tea Party Shower

Helen's Volvo

Before my dear best friend Helen died in 2000, she gave me her beautiful 1993 Volvo because, she said, "You will take good care of it." Helen was a librarian, and I told her that since she was going to a new place, I would do the same. I would resign from being a life-long teacher to be a librarian. I promised her if I graduated from Simmons, as she did, I would put "Graduate School of Library and Information Science on the back of our car for both of us."

Our 1993 Volvo
I donated our car to NPR (National Public Radio) in December 2023.

Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving at Deahn's


Judah & Colin

Sue & Mia

Charlotte, Piper & Lily

Helpful Alexander!

A taste of SoJu, a sweet part of Thanksgiving and of our Korean Netflicks

Special Guests of Laura, Ash & Yiayia

We invited Lori, Jim and Lindsey for Chicken Pot Pie (Pappou's recipe!)

Waiting for the Chicken Pot Pie to thicken.

Laura & Ash danced for our guests!

Home from Vero Beach

August 2023

Party in Newport the Night Before the Wedding

Andrew, Lily, Laura & Piper

Lindsey, Molly, Andrew, Lily, Laura & Piper

Andrew, Lily, Laura & Piper

Living with Laura and Ash

"hmmm! I think I'll claim this spot!"

Laura's Surprises

Ash! or Ashela, my new best friend!

My Daily Walks at the Ipswich Wharf!

I love walking here. It has such beautiful memories and is always new.
Our boat, the Adelphia was still at its mooring, still in the Tsoutsouras family.

My Pebble Beach Villas Guests

July 2023
Elif & Her Son Aslan

Full Moon over Vero Beach

My Pebble Beach Villas Guests

May 2023
Leah & James

My Pebble Beach Villas Guests

April 2023
Charlotte & Colin

My Morning Early Morning Walks Around Pebble Beach Villas

Jupiter! The first thing I see every morning

PBV Entrance to the Beach!

PBV Entrance at Sunrise
Our beautiful new pool!

My favorite bench.

A litte friend I meet on my Way.

Sunrise from the SurfsEdge Dock

Turtle nesting paths on the beach.

Another little friend.

My Meyer Lemon Bush

My Yard. My Home.

My Rainbow!

April 2023

Easter Dinner

Deahn cooked the delicious dinner,
Laura made the delicious salad,
and Mia brought the delicious dessert.

March 2023

Laura's Quilt

Quilt Inspiration

January 2023

A Bright Star Appeared on My Delta Flight to Vero

Greece 2021. Our Last Trip Together.



Christmas Day at the Byman's

Every Christmas Day Molly gives a special gift that she has made for each of us, a large Calendar filled with recent family photos. Everyone gets a special page on their birthdays.

This year's Calendar is a Pappou calendar! When our daughters and grandchildren began to cook, they called Pappou for recipes. Molly had collected all those recipes from her family, her aunts, her cousins. Calendar 2023 has a Pappou recipe and a Pappou cooking technique on every month.

And that's not all! A second gift. Deahn made a book of Pappou's recipes for each of us.

The reason we have no photos for Christmas Day 2022 is that Molly's and Deahn's gifts made me cry all day.

September 22, 2022

My strong, kind, independent, wise, generous father passed away yesterday. He left a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. Charlie expressed his love to us through food. We became lazy and dependent because he did all the cooking. When I was in the hospital after the birth of my children, Pappou would arrive with a massive cooler filled with his famous chicken wings, meatballs, tzatziki, hummus, guacamole and salsa, wine and ginger ale for the kids. Charlie never worried about the hairy eye balls we got from the nurses. No event worth celebrating is without food.

A man of few words. Unless he was giving advice, he didn’t tell us he loved us. He showed us in a million different ways. Even a grandchild in another state was never forgotten. When Charlotte was in SC for med school, he regularly mailed her, labeled with his distinct handwriting, a box of bagels because the ones in SC weren’t as good as home. Pappou had a tradition of taking his grandchildren to Putnam Pantry. Three weeks before he died, when he could barely walk, he was determined to take Lindsey to Putnam Pantry before she left for college. He impressed us all and got a 3-scoop sundae with all the toppings and ate the whole thing.

Charlie was a phone person. He thought nothing of picking up the phone and calling his daughters, grandchildren, friends and his many cousins in Greece. He never worried it was the wrong time and that he was inconveniencing them. If he wanted to talk, he called. These random calls were a connection to home when they were living all over the country. They were comfort food, and even though the kids may have been late for a class, or in the middle of a crowded campus, they picked up the phone.

He loved his grandchildren, and if you ask him they’re all perfect. When Molly got voted off Survivor, he thought the show should be taken off the air because the only reason she got voted off is because all the other contestants were jealous of her. Nobody tried to compete with Pappou when it came to cooking, and to get a compliment without a “but” added on was rare. But, when James made his blue ribbon key lime pie, Pappou conceded that James’ pie was the best he ever had. When Laura came home this summer with her dog, Ash, he didn’t care that Ash, the “perfect” puppy leapt up on the bed and licked his face all over then, rested her paw on Pappou’s arm. Pappou had endless reserves of love and patience for his grandchildren and their pets.

Whether it be a recipe, a piece of advice, his total lack of concern for what other people think, his love of travel, his phone calls, his independence, a piece of Pappou lives on in all of his children and grandchildren, and they are his greatest pride and legacy. We love you, Pappou.


Christmas Eve at the Morgans

Christmas Pajamas
Thank you, John!

Leah & James

Piper & Lindsey

Colin, Charlotte, Laura & Lily

Jim, Laura, Lily, Charles & Piper


Katie & her Mom Carol


Yummy snacks!

Nancy & John

Molly & Charlotte

Leah & Lori


Jim, Dan & Charles

Lindsey, Piper, Lily & Dan

Molly & Laura

Charlotte & Laura

Christmas Pajama Time!

James, Charlotte, Molly, Deahn & Leah

Mia, Lori & Colin


Lindsey & Laura

Nancy, Lily & Piper

Piper, John, Dan & Charles

Charlotte, Molly, Deahn & Leah



Charles, Lily & Piper

Lori & Colin

Lindsey & Laura


Christmas Carol Sing-Along!


Lindsey & Laura

Lily & Piper

Christmas Card 2022

September 2022

In Memoriam

Costas (Charlie) Tsoutsouras
July 21, 1935--September 21, 2023

Costas Tsoutsouras, 87, of Ipswich, passed away peacefully on September 21, of cancer.

At twelve years old, Costas, known as Charlie, lost his father and took over the family cobbler shop, Central Shoe Repair, where he fixed shoes, sold clogs and made custom sandals and belts for the next 60 years. A vital man who loved life and all its complexities with a big open heart and a flexible spirit. From these simple beginnings he went on to become both a familiar and well-loved local figure as well as a man of the world, with friends from all walks of life.

He traveled widely from an early age, visiting both well and less traveled places, where he met people and did things that didn't happen to other travelers. In Soviet Russia, he spent a night drinking vodka with a guy he met on the street. In Haiti he played poker with the secret service. He clammed. He fished. He gardened. He loved classical music, opera and art. He was a talented chef; eating out with him was an exercise in deciphering what ingredients went into the meal, and a discussion of how he would have prepared it. He had a weekly poker group for the better part of his life. When his contemporaries began to die, he continued the game with their children. Charlie gave selflessly, to his family, to his many friends, to anyone who crossed his path who needed an extra dollar, with a helping hand, a listening ear. He was the one to call in the middle of the night, with the story you didn't want to tell anyone else.

Whether from the back of his boat, at his home, or from a cooler, he showed up with delicious food for every occasion, and anyone lucky enough to be at his table went home with a full stomach and the understanding that his was truly food for the soul.

He is survived by his beloved wife of 40 years, Bette Tsoutsouras, his daughters Deahn Leblang (late husband Russell Leblang), Lori Byman (James Byman) and Mia Morgan (John Morgan), his sister Christine Galanis, grandchildren Molly, Alexander, James, Charlotte, Laura, Charles, Lily, Lindsey and Piper, and nephews and nieces.

His funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. Monday, September 26 in the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthododx Church, 8 Lafayette Road, Ipswich followed by interment in the New Highland Cemetery, Town Farm Road, Ipswich. Family and friends are respectfully welcomed.
Perfect Days on the Tip of Sebastian Inlet Pier

Dear Family and Friends,

Costas “Charlie” Tsoutsouras 1936-2022
Charlie was a great guy. He owned a building in Ipswich Massachusetts on Central Street (Route 1A) that was divided into two store fronts. One side, the larger space, was his shoe repair shop and the other smaller space was my photography studio. We remained neighbors, side by side, like that for 23 years until the day Charlie passed away. My shop used to be an antique store called the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party which was the perfect name for a small shop that sold mostly vintage kitchen ware and retro clocks. I always felt I was going down the rabbit hole when I opened the door and entered that space. One day Gary the owner was packing up his buffalo china in boxes and I asked if the space was available. That’s when I met Charlie. He told me others were already interested but he would check out my references and let me know. He later admitted to me that I was the only one but he needed to hear I was okay.

Charlie’s shop always looked like a bomb had exploded. There were bench tools on the front counter. Clogs that he sold were not put back in boxes. Shoes he had repaired were not usually mated together. I was there one day when a young lady came in and he could only find one of the shoes he had dyed emerald green to match her bridesmaid dress. The other was found a day later in the bathroom sink where it was left drying. Later on I would find out where all this disarray came from. Charlie would sit in the middle this mess, like a bird in a nest of its gathered findings, in a wooden rocking chair, reading the morning paper, drinking coffee, often holding court with one of his pals who came into the shop to visit and would sit on a small upholstered bench by the glass front door and sometimes that pal would luckily be me.

Charlie was nobody’s fool. He was knowledgeable and well read. He had traveled to many of the major cities in Europe and Eastern Europe including Russia. He was married later in life to a pretty blond librarian Bette who was college educated but he himself had not a chance to go to college. This is where the story gets interesting. Charlie had told me that his father had died young and he had to take over the shoe repair business. That he had attended high school but could not participate in sports so he could hammer out shoes in the afternoon and early evening. I thought he was doing this as an older teenager. I was shocked when I found out he was just a child of twelve when he first started. And he was the youngest of the three sons too. His Mom, who was old school Greet, dressed in black, spoke little English, would help where she could, cleaning up after him, wrapping the shoes in paper to be picked up by the customers. This was following a difficult time The Great Depression. Charlie told me that any triple decker house you saw would sell for 15 thousand dollars back then. If you were a homeowner, who needed financial assistance, the government was reluctant to help you. They wanted you to sell your property first. Charlie’s Mom wisely did not let that happen.

My dad Horton’s upbringing was very different. He was educated at Oxford. He taught religion and theology at Princeton University. Albert Einstein was a professor there at the Institute of Advanced Study when he was first hired. Being English and an advocate of higher education, he was very impressed with titles and degrees. And the pageantry of academic shields, college blazer badges and ceremonial gowns. And in some cases perhaps more impressed than he should be. As a lot of smart people don’t get the same opportunity at higher education. A lot of successful people are also self taught.

My dad’s favorite author was John Updike. He loved the “Rabbit” series that were written about Harry “Rabbit’ Angstrom. A former high school basketball star who struggles with finding happiness as a married middle class salesman wrestling with issues of “religion, family obligations and marital infidelity.” Updike won a Pulitzer prize for “Rabbit is Rich” and he was one of the few writers to win that prize more than once in the category of writing Fiction.

Charlie was friends with John Updike. Ipswich is a small town and Updike lived there for 17 years before moving to Beverly Farms. Charlie played in a poker game that lasted over twenty years with Updike seated at the table. Charlie who never went to college, friends with one of America’s most celebrated novelist and my dad’s literary idol. Charlie was asked to talk at the John Updike Society which he did, about his relationship with the author.

Charlie often wore a Greek fisherman’s cap. Me being an avid vintage clothes collector, I was always on the look out for his size. I gave him several during our friendship. The cap like Charlie had a rugged beauty to it. Classical design, the dark navy almost black wool with a hand braided band and a decorative embroidered detail on the brim. Its bright read satin lining reminded me of the kindness of Charlie’s heart. Charlie who always looked after others. He took care of his mother and then his older sister Demi. He really didn’t have his own life until he met his wife Bette at 44. Charlie with his Mediterranean blood, always looked tan and much younger than his years. His hair did not get gray until much later in life. It was hard to realize he was in his late eighties. Semi retired but still in his work shop occasionally hammering out a pair of shoes.

Charlie was a wonderful cook. For my 50th birthday he made me an amazing egg salad dish with tiny bits of chopped onion and lump fish caviar on top.

At Charlie’s service, which was quite something—I had never been to a Greek Orthodox church before. The manly married priest swinging cans of billowing gray smoke, preaching loudly without a microphone. The colorful depictions of Saints painted on the walls. The tall windows of Caribbean blue and golden yellow stained glass. The service was filled to capacity in the main hall as you would have expected it to be for a man of Charlie’s popularity and generous spirit. Carol and I sat like two angels quietly perched in the choir loft. I saw Michael Updike afterwards in the church parking lot. I had told him about the service so I knew he would be there. Michael was an acquaintance of mine from Mass College of Art. We graduated together. My father being very excited that John Updike was in attendance as he was at the graduation ceremony. Michael got to know Charlie better after his father passed away. Michael filled his Dad’s vacant seat at the poker game. I ran up to his car saying I just wanted to quickly say hi. Michael sighed, “I’m missing Charlie already.” “Me too.” I replied.

This year’s card is a recent painting by Carol. It was inspired by a photograph she took during our vacation last March in Saint Croix. On her morning walk she follows a path close to the ocean in South Fredricksted. Suddenly she heard the sound of galloping hoofs and turned to see an island boy riding a dark spirited horse, bareback, galloping towards a break in the brush, down to the white sand and turquoise sea of Dorsch Beach. Later she heard that horses from the race track are exercised there. Carol and I are looking forward to returning to St. Croix this March.

-Philip & Carol + Zak

A Visit from Ash and Laura

August 2022

Pietrasanta, Italy. 2019

Beverly Airport. 2022


July 2022

Charlotte had just started her residency at Lahey Burlington
and every time we were there she came to wait with us in the waiting room or the infusion room.

June 2022

Charlie, Jim, Lori & Andrew

Andrew, Molly & Lindsey

Bette's Garden

A gift from my friend Renee.

Mia hanging Shakespeare sonnet 129

A gift from two of my Winchester High School student artists.

April 2022

Charlie was interviewed by a WBZ journalist about his life as a cobbler.
Pappou invited our budding journalist Lindsey to be present.

Charlie's friend Greg pruning our apple tree!

March 2022

Fashion Show

February 2022

. Checking out his Old Historic Cash register.
2. Cleaning its drawer

January 2022
Vero Beach

A Beautiful spot outside Coconut Cove Restaurant

Charlie's cousin Ted came to visit us. We took him to Charlie's favorite German restarant, Coconut Cove, and I snapped this picture of them from outside the window.

I had lost my appetite, but walking into Publix I spied this truck, and it looked so appetizing I wanted a big slice right then.
Charlie's friends Rick and Don offered to trim our overgrown garden.
They worked all afternoon!

We arrived in Vero Beach on New Year's Eve.

Pebble Beach Villas. Always Beautiful!


January 2021
Vero Beach. Molly's here!

Charlie went back to Ipswich for Annual Physical, and Molly came to visit.
Our chef was away, so Molly and I chose simple recipes, prepared and cooked together and enjoyed our delicious dinners.

We chose great recipes, planned and cooked amazing dinners!

February, Vero Beach
The Bymans were in the Condo, so I was staying at the Inn on the Beach.
A wonderful surprise! Mia came to visit me!

Charlie called. He has been diagnosed with Metastatic Prostate Cancer.
He said, "The doctor said not to worry. Nobody dies of Prostate Cancer. Everything's going to be all right."
We walked every day along the beach and met Lori and Lindsey for breakfast or at the Condo.

March, Vero Beach
Charlie is back!

Pappou's Special Dinner for Laura

April, Vero Beach

It's Laura's Birthday!

April, Home in Ipswich

In the Store

In the Choate Bridge Pub
Greek Easter

June, Home in Ipswich

August, Home in Ipswich

Charlotte's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

August in Greece 2021


Piper and Pappou, Ice Cream Buddies Forever!

September, Home in Ipswich

Pappou Loves the Morgans

December 2021

Our Lady of Hope Church

Christmas Day

Yankee Swap


The Amazing Kitchen Crew

Christmas Eve


Molly, Piper, Kelly, Gavin

James & Leah

Jim & Lori

Leah, John, Deahn, Jim, Lori


First Sunday of Advent
Our Lady of Hope Church


First Sunday of Advent
Thank you, Mia, John, Charles, Lily and Piper!

November, Thanksgiving

Thank you, Mia, John, Charles, Lily and Piper!


Vero Beach


Coronavirus 2020! "Everything has Changed"

Every day Charlie and I biked and walked all over the area. Nobody was out. No shops were open.




Leslie, Shirley, Eleanor, & Joanie self-distancing while excercising!

Our friend Elli self-distancing while Reading!



Jaycee Park Playground Closed!

Beachside Restaurant now open only for take-out.

Our granddaughter Molly. Self-quarantining!

My cousin Peggy. All the way from Melbourne
just to find toilet paper!

Almost everyone obeys this!
But some ignore this!
Charlie & I spend many afternoons self-distancing on Indian River Shores!

Beach Closed!

Nothing is the same! Not even Riverside Park,
where I have walked since 1985!

A solitary walk now on Riverside Park!

And on our Beach!
It started pouring just as we got to our PBV driveway!

"The sun will come up tomorrow!"

Holy Cross. A Peek Through the Glass Door

Closed on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Closed on Orthodox Easter Sunday, April 17, 2020

Temple Shalom

Closed on Passover

The Village Market. Closed on Easter Sunday

No Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Muffin Today.

Hearing that Cleveland Clinic Hospital of Vero Beach
needed fabric masks for their staff, Maddie, inspiring
many of her PBV friends, delivered over 300 hand made masks
to Scott Duncan of Cleveland Clinic Hospital.

From Pebble Beach Villas to the Cleveland Clinic Hospital
with a little help from our friend.

A Late Afternoon Walk around Fellsmere.
New Friends
Beach Opened! Tuesday, April 28, 2020 with a few caveats:
Allowed are "walking, running, swimming, paddleboarding & kayaking."
Prohibited are "sunbathing, picniking, group sports, activities, sitting & being stationary."
(Section 205.05 Code, Indian River County & Section 252.47, Florida Statutes).
"For every thing there is a season,
and a time for every purpose under heaven"

Laura's Graduation from University of Connecticut

Lily's Graduation from Marblehead High School


"Proud sister Piper! Proud brother Charles!"
"Congratulations Lily! You did it!!!
With so many honors bestowed on you, you've made our family proud!
Keep smiling your beautiful smile!"
--Auntie Lori


Lucca Italy, March 2019

Our Home for a Month


June 2019

Molly's Back!

Molly & Luna (only interested in the bunny in the yard)

Molly & Lindsey



Summer Fun!

Charlie's Tomatoes

Charlie's Herbs

Our Gloucester Friend

August 2019

Charlie's Central Street Garden

Joan's Bouquet

& Lori's Candle

September 2019

We welcome Leah!

Dinner at Deahn's
with Alexander, Michael, Dale, Lindsay, & Charlotte Leblang

"The clogs arrived and they are perfect! I love them." --Krista
We all love Krista! She was Molly's Teach for America roommate
in San Antonio, Texas.

Big Fish, all the way from China.

Alexander brought Big Fish home for Pappou!

Big Fish for dinner at Majestic Dragon!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Wednesday, 8 o'clock, CBS, Channel 4

Molly on Survivor Island
Survivor Photo #2

Watching Molly on Survivor

Luna Watching Molly

Dad and Lindsey

Deahn, Luna, Pappou, Yiayia

Thanksgiving 2019


Charlotte & Big Bear

Deahn & Alexander

Piper, Charles & Lily

Judah, Alexander & Charlotte

A very relaxed group!


Charles & Lily
  A Very Happy, and Relaxing, Thanksgiving!
Pappou's dinner was awesome!

Advent 2019

Our Lady of Hope


The Miracle of Christmas

Our Lady of Hope


A very sad year for our family.

Russell David Leblang
9.15.1961 - 9.25.2018
Our son-in-law Russell David Leblang, 56, of Swampscott, Massachusetts, passed away peacefully at his home on August 25, 2018, after a year-long battle with hepatic angiosarcoma. Born and raised in Beachwood, Ohio to Rita and William Leblang, he came east in 1979 to Brown University, where he met his wife Deahn Berrini.

He went on to receive degrees from the Kennedy School and Harvard Law School, where he graded onto the Harvard Law Review. Later, with his partners, he founded Landay, Leblang & Stern, a boutique law firm where he built a successful practice in international trade finance, traveling widely, including twice a year to South America.

The qualities that made Russell an excellent attorney also made him a valued friend and counselor. The ultimate problem solver, his keen intellect, his honesty, and his ability to listen and get to the core of any issue benefited the many who had to the privilege to sit and share a chat with him.

An avid marathoner, with wit, humor, love of life, drive, and generosity, he packed many lifetimes into a too short a life.

He will be sorely missed by Deahn; his two children, the great joys of his life, Alexander Leblang and Charlotte Leblang; his mother, Rita Leblang; his brothers, Dale Leblang and Judah Leblang; his in-laws, Bette and Charlie Tsoutsouras, Lori and Jim Byman, and Mia and John Morgan; and he is the beloved uncle of 9 nieces and nephews.

A funeral service for Russell will be held on Monday, August 27, 2018 at 1:00 PM at Temple Emanu-El, 393 Atlantic Avenue, Marblehead, MA 01945 with interment to follow at Temple Emanu-El of Marblehead Memorial Park, Buxton Lane, Danvers. Shiva will be observed on Monday following interment until 8 PM at the Leblang family home. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to C.I.T.C, The Village Project, Russell’s brainchild, an educational foundation that sends underprivileged children to quality schools. Checks should be mailed to 35 Lake Shore Road, Salem, NH 03079. For more information or to register in the online guestbook, please visit

Demetra Karahalios Tsoutsouras
12.14.1922 - 10.13.2018

Demi at Elayne's Wedding. Saturday, June 16, 2018
Charlie's sister Demi, wife of the late James Karahalios, died in her home on Saturday, October 13, 2018. She was born in Ipswich on December 14, 1922, one of five children of the late John and Potula (Eliopoulos) Tsoutsouras and raised in Ipswich where she attended public schools.

As a young woman Demetra worked at the former Martin & Tickles Shoe Co. in both Ipswich and Newburyport. And for twelve years, including the years of WWII, she worked at Sylvania in Ipswich. Married in 1961 she and her husband made their home for the next forty years in Elllington, CT.

Following the death of her husband James, she returned to make Ipswich her home again. Demetra was a longtime member of the Ipswich Greek Orthodox Church and of the Melissa Society. She enjoyed her many hours of painting in oils, caning furniture, cooking, and home gardening.

Demi is survived by her brother Costas Tsoutsouras and his wife Bette of Ipswich; her sister Christine Galanis, wife of the late Louis Galanis of Ipswich; her sister-in-law Lorayne, wife of her late brother George Tsoutsouras of Ipswich, and many nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her brother Theodore Tsoutsouris and his wife Doris formerly of Beverly.

Visiting hours will be held Tuesday 8:30 am from the Whittier-Porter Funeral home, 6 High Street, Ipswich followed by a funeral service at 10 am in the Greek Orthodox Church, 8 Lafayette Road, Ipswich. Family and friends are cordially invited. Interment will be in the New Highland Cemetery, Ipswich. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions in her name may be made to the Greek Orthodox Church, P.O. Box 6 Ipswich, MA 01938 or a charity of ones choice.

John Murray Flynn
2.19.1939 - 11.25.2018
My brother Jack passed away at his home in Raymond, New Hanpshire on November 25, 2018. Born and raised in Stoneham, Massachusetts, he graduated from Stoneham High School in 1957. As a freshman at Salem State College, inspired by Jack Kerouac's On The Road, Jackie shocked everyone, especially his family, by dropping out of school and hitch-hiking cross country to San Francisco, subsequently earning a B.A. in English Literature from San Francisco State University.

He returned after a few years to live in Marblehead, where his passion for acting became a reality. During those years, he starred in 29 theatrical productions with such companies as The Marblehead Little Theatre, The Mugford Street Players, The Swampscott Theatre Company, The Salem Theater Ensemble, The Village Players in Topsfield, and the North Shore Music Theatre. Some of his most memorable performances were as Joe in "The Shadow Box," Whiteside in "The Man Who Came to Dinner," and Virgil in "Bus Stop."

Jack later moved to Raymond, New Hampshire, gradually taking smaller parts in local theatre companies and beginning his writing career. He has published three books, two novels based on his childhood and We Came to Fight a War, a beautiful story of his brother Bill, a B-17 Pilot, as told to him by Bills Radio Gunner Alvin Kotler.

Jack was an avid baseball player in his youth, a dedicated softball player in retirement, at ten years old a devoted buddy to his cousin Barbara confined to a wheelchair after polio, and years later a caring husband to Jeanne and so proud of her talent as an artist. Jack was also a young rebel without a cause; an older hippie with a cause; always a raging liberal; sometimes tough on his family and friends, but always soft and loving with his dog Gabby; not religious, but devoted to St. Anthony, whom he claimed "never, ever disappointed me."

And, finally, Jack was a grouchy old man whom we loved. Jack leaves his son Sean Flynn, his grandson Nicholas, his sister Bette Tsoutsouras; 10 nephews and nieces: Nancy Jacobson, Bill Flynn, Don Flynn, Arthur Flynn, John Flynn, Mary Teresa Doyle, Deahn Leblang, Lori Byman, Mia Morgan; his best friend and devoted nephew Mike Flynn; and first cousins Peggy Ann Murphy and Father Paul Duffy.

A funeral Mass for Jack was held on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 10 am at St. Patricks Church, with his cousin Father Paul Duffy as the celebrant. Donations can be made to the Ed Walsh Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in the greater Boston area (edwalsh Ed Walsh, who was married to Jack's cousin Joan, was a Boston firefighter who lost his life in a 2014 nine-alarm fire.

March 2018

Great Neck once more an island!
Charlie's friend Mary,
a lifelong member of the
Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Greek Orthodox Church,
celebrates her 100th birthday
at Sunday Mass and coffee-hour
in her honor.

April 2018


St. Francis quilt


June 2018

Lindsey's Graduation from Middle School

July 2018

A tiny memorable Airbnb guest

August 2018

Molly goes to law school.

Duke University Chapel


Moving Molly

Moving Molly

Moving Molly!

Moving Molly!

Moving Molly!

Moving Molly!

September 2018

University of South Carolina Medical School
Charlotte's White Coat Ceremony


November 2018

Dinner at Alexander's new apartment within walking distance to The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Bette & Charlie to Vero Beach!


Charlie going fishing on the Sebastian Inlet pier

Our friends Helen & Gus Greek dancing at the Hope Sound Greek Festival
Dinner at Marsh Landing with our friend Shirley
Back to Work

December 2018

Our Lady of Hope Church

Christmas Eve at Mia & John's

Christmas Pajamas 2018
Annual Christmas Eve Carols Sing-a-Long

Christmas Day at Lori and Jim's.



at Mia and John's

Deahn's New Book!

Book Talk
Swampscott Public Library
November 9, 2017

Alexander & Dean, Somerset Hall Press Publisher

Charlotte's Birthday
August 20, 2017
MGH Patio

Pilgrimage 2017



Christmas 2016 in Vero Beach

Holy Cross Church
Vero Beach, Florida
December 17, 2016

St. Nickolas Greek Orthodox Church
Fort Pierce, Florida
December 18, 2016
2016 2016
Vero Beach
Birthday Dinner
December 18, 2016

Cheverus Medal Award
December 4, 2016

Jack & Father Tom
Congratulations to Our Lady of Hope's John (Jack) Miniter,
who, along with 113 other recipients in our Archdiocese,
was awarded the Chevrus Medal by Cardinal Sean O'Malley
at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston.

This medal is awarded to laypersons, deacons, and religious
who serve the parish over an extended period of time
in a quiet, unassuming and even unrecognized manner.

November 24, 2016


Marblehead High School Concert
Charles & the Grizzlies
November 22, 2016


The Lion King Jr. Starring Piper as Timone
The YMCA of the North Shore Theatre Company
November 5, 2016


Laura's Graduation
June 3, 2016


Yunus's Piano Recital
New England Conservatory May 26, 2016

Song Without Words in E Major, Op. 19 No. 1., Felix Mendelssohn
Sonata in F Major, Op.2 No. 1., Ludwig van Beethoven

Our little family from Ankara, Turkey

Charlotte's Graduation from Kenyon College
May 21, 2016

Friday, May 20, 2016

Senior Sing 2016!

Kokosing Farewell
Old Kenyon, we are like Kokosing,
obedient to some strange spell,
which urges us from all reposing,
Farewell, Old Kenyon, fare thee well.

Philander Chase
The first of Kenyon's goodly race
was that great man Philander Chase.
He climbed the hill and said a prayer
and founded Kenyon College there.
Friday, May 21, 2016

View while waiting
Our Graduate!

Science Department Reception

Graduation Dinner

On the Way to Charlotte's Graduation
Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Windsor, Ohio

In September 1958, driving cross-country to our first home in Amarillo, Texas, Peter and I stopped at a statue of the Blessed Mother in a white gazebo in the middle of a village green in some Ohio town. We have a picture of me standing in front of it. It was the only thing I remembered from Ohio. So 58 years later, landing in Cleveland too early to meet Charlotte at Kenyon, I remembered the statue and asked the woman at the car rental desk if she knew of a large statue of the Blessed Mother in the middle of some small town in Ohio. She found one online, and though it was a few hours out of our way Charlie was willing, so we followed her directions, miles and miles through beautiful farming country, rolling hills spotted with red barns, until, in the middle of nowhere, we stopped at a small parking area, almost ready to turn around, figuring we were lost. Instead, we parked the car and followed a cement walkway that led to a pond with a fence of big white balls, which I soon realized was a rosary, to the 50 foot statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Although it was not the same statue and about 40 feet highter than the one I remembered, it was the same Lady, and I felt the same happiness as as I had felt 58 years before, meeting her again, unexpectedly, in Ohio.
The tallest statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the world stands fifty-feet high and is located on the grounds of The Servants of Mary Center for Peace Catholic Shrine in Windsor, Ohio.   
The 15 Decade Rosary Around the Pond

September 1958. Somewhere in Ohio on the way to Amarillo, Texas.

Marblehead Veterans Middle School Select Chorus (including Lily) Performing in Symphony Hall, Boston.
April 16, 2016
Maassachusette Instrumental & Choral Conductors Association (MICCA)

Gold Medal Showcase


Very Early Arrivers
Symphony Hall

Very Early Arrivers
Symphony Hall


Lindsey's Award
April, 2016
Invest-Write Competition
Sponsored by the Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association Foundation (SIFMA)

Lindsey was among 20,000 students nationwide who this year participated in the contest, which involves math, social studies, English, and research. She placed first in the elementary school division for Massachusetts, earning the "Invest-Write Genius" title.
Lindsey Honored at Proctor Elementary School Assembly
Lindsey and her teacher, Jan Morris and with a representative from SIFMA, Elizabeth Reidel




Christmas 2015

Our Lady of Hope Church
Ipswich, Massachusetts
December 25, 2015

Pajamas Wrapped!

Christmas Eve at the Morgans!


Lily, Lindsey & Piper

Mia, Alexander & Russell

Deahn & Mia

Lori & Mia in their new Christmas pajamas!
Christmas Pajamas
Christmas Carol Sing-a-long



Molly, Laura, Lindsey, Charles & Lily



Deahn & Mia

Lori & Pappou

Charlotte & Dad
Piper & Dad

Deahn & Carol Morgan

Katie Morgan & Friend

Kelley Berrini & John Mahoney

Lucas & Kelley Berrini

Gavin Berrini & Nancy Morgan Mahoney

Laura & Charles

Happy 93rd Birthday, Demi!
December 14, 2015

Made by Cousin Ted

November 26, 2015


Blessing of the Animals at Our Lady of Hope Church
October 4, 2015

Lori and Luna
A sweet, calm Luna after the Blessing by Father Tom

Letters from Charlotte
Summer in Graz, Austria

One of the joys of this summer was receiving regular long, wonderful email letters and photos from Charlotte!.

"I've made it to Graz. We came in on Saturday and got picked up at the airport in Vienna and then took the train to Graz that was about 2.5 hours. We then went out and about in Graz after dropping our stuff off . . . ."
"I'm working in a man's lab who is doing his PHD and all the other people in his lab come about twice a week and they are doing their masters. They've all been very nice. I work 9-5 and seem to have the best job. . . ."
"My second weekend here I went rafting in the Alps (with two other people in my group) with the international students' organization in Graz. The drive was about 2 hours and it was a half day, 11 km trip. The water was so cold that we had to wear these ridiculous looking wet suits (mine was pink and purple, it was quite the sight), and we wore helmets and booties, too. We had the option to go in a bigger boat with a guide, or a smaller boat with two other people and no guide--obviously I went in the small boat so it would be more fun. . . . ."
" On Saturday we went on a moped tour of the city and it was so fun. We first learned how to drive the mopeds (fairly simple but kind of scary when you go around 30mph) and then we had about a 4 hour tour and saw everything in Budapest. We saw the statue of freedom, the buda castle (my favorite), heroes' square, the parliament building, and a few other smaller things. It was such a great way to see the city. . . ."
"Last weekend I went to Vienna on Saturday (just a 2.25 hour bus ride) and had a nice time. We saw the Schoenbrunn Palace, which once was the summer home of the Hapsburgs. They had gardens that seemed to go on forever and then the main "backyard" was a ton of really bright flowers and a fountain at the end. We also saw St.Stephen's cathedral (I lit a candle for everyone!), Belvedere Palace, walked by the opera house and the Mozart museum, and went to the Naschmarkt, which was my favorite place. Pappou you would love this market: It is a mile long and sells a ton of food - mostly Greek/Turkish food, but also bakeries (for apple strudel, yummm) and stands of vegetables, fruits. . . ."
"This past weekend I went to Zurich and it was amazing! I would 100% move there tomorrow if I could. The streets are peaceful and calm - no one seems like they're in a rush, but they're also not wandering aimlessly and getting in the way. It is more of a wandering-around city than a city where you want to go from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, and maybe thats why I liked it so much.. . . . I met up with Bianca. Bianca is my dad's Brazilian friend's daughter that I met once when I was 11. It was great to meet up with her though. She was very easy going/sooo nice and we just kind of wandered to the lake and sat in the shade for a little and then took a boat ride. . . ."
"The first weekend I met the family on Friday morning at our hotel in Vienna. We went to Schonbrunn Palace and this time we went inside and got to see the rooms the Habsbergs lived in and the portraits on the walls. We also visited St.Stephen's cathedral but this time we walked up a few hundred steps to the top of one of the towers and got a great view of the city. The next day we went to the naschtmarkt to grab a quick bite and then we wandered to the Belvedere Palace and went inside to see some artwork, most notably Klimt. I wasn't a fan but Mum and Alexander seemed to enjoy it. Sunday we went to the Jewish museum and found out that Austria hated Jews way more than we thought. We also went to the amusement park with the oldest ferris wheel in Europe and giant swings, that I refused to go on but Daddy and Alexander did. We then all took the train back to Graz and I worked during the week and the rest of the fam went to Ljubljana in Slovenia. I have been moved from the TU Graz lab to the RCPE (research center pharmaceutical engineering) industry lab. I've been learning to do stuff with crystals of aspirin and ibuprofen and I made a friend in the lab that I eat lunch with. "
"This past weekend we all went to Salzburg. On Saturday and Sunday we met and wandered around with some distant relatives on the Leblang side, Edith and her husband Roland. They were great and on Saturday we went to the castle overlooking the city and then a brewery for dinner and a concert afterwards. On Sunday we had a great day; we traveled a little ways to get to the largest ice caves in Europe! There were quite a few steps (pun! because we walked up a billion steps) to get to the caves including a train, bus, gondola, and a few hikes. But it was so worth the travel because I've never seen anything like that before. It was basically a glacier inside a cave with some giant hills/pointy things made from the water leaking through the cave (it looks like an intestine.) Pictures were forbidden but I grabbed a few. That night we went to get beer that monks started making in the 1500s or something (I don't really remember but it was old) and then some traditional Austrian food that I think the whole fam was sick of. Alexander and the world's largest bread dumpling. If you go out to eat here you just get meat and after a week of eating out I thought I was going to lose someone due to a lack of vegetables in their diet. . . ."
"On Monday we had quite the day. We took a Sound of Music bike tour around Salzburg for 3.5 hours. They took us to all the places that were filmed in the movie and at one point we had to sing (I think this was Daddy and Alexander's favorite part). It was a great time and it gave us another nice tour of the city. We then went to see a Marionette version of the Magic Flute. It was about as good as it sounds but the Marionettes were definitely better than I thought - I imagined them to be creepy and wooden but they were actually very people-like and the puppeteers were extremely talented. I wouldn't go again but I guess I am glad I went. Then the fam left for Vienna to fly home and I came back to Graz.. . . ."
The hills are alive with the sound of music.

View of Salzburg from the castle

House that served as backdrop for the Von Trapp's house
"This weekend I am taking Monday off again and going to Rome with my friend from Kenyon who has been in Madrid doing biology research all summer. And then it's my last week of work and then I'm off on my adventure around Europe! I'll try to update while on my trip to Paris, London, Berlin, and Prague but we will see what happens. . . . "

Bette & Charlie
Married at St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Stoneham, Massachusetts
August 6, 2015

Married at the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church
Ipswich, Massachusetts
June 20, 1982

Reception at the Tuscan Grill with Deacon Frank and his wife Kathy, Joan and Tom, Ron and Sheila, Peggy Ann, and Esther

We love our Airbnb Guests!

Our new friends from Ankara, Turkey
Aslan, Elif, Junus, and Bülent


Displaying with Esther (from Kenya) my Tanzanian Khanga honoring Prsident Obama's election as President of the United States.
A Khanga, Tanzanian fabric with Swahili sayings, is a women's way of making statements through their clothes.

Laura's Junior Prom
May 18, 2015


Dr. Mia Lynn Morgan

Doctorate of Education

April 2015

Boston Marathon
April 20, 2015

A cold, rainy, windy day!

View from inside a nice, warm place
as guests of Jim's friends, Joe & Ttracey Mahoney

Mile 16 and Auntie Deahn & Uncle Russell

Mile 24 and Mum, Lindsey, Yiayia & Pappou
Mile 24 and Molly's Boston College friends.
The day after. The Marathon 2015 Jacket and Luna
Dear friends and family,

Thank you all for the moral and financial support that you gave me for my first marathon! From Boston, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and more, you all motivated me throughout my training and throughout the race so I wanted to send another thank you, a race and fundraising update, and some pictures, of course.

I completed the Boston Marathon in 4:44, running about a 10:54 mile pace throughout the race. As I fought the headwinds up Heartbreak Hill in my dad's 1980 BC cross country jacket, I thought to myself that this is hands down the most hardcore thing I have ever done, I trained in Texas, what was I thinking! But I also knew that there was no way I could stop running with so many people invested in this race. Seeing Auntie Deahn and Uncle Russ (my long-distance coaches) at Mile 16 with dry clothes, running by BC as a marathoner rather than an exuberant fan, seeing my dad, James, cousin Jack, and Laura (who ran the last 5 with me) at Mile 21, high-fiving my mom, Lindsey, Yia-yia, Pappou and the Mahoneys at Mile 24, and seeing Annelise, Lauren, and Morgan sporting neon Molly shirts with my 6th grade 'fro plastered on them made the last half of the marathon a joyful, rather than painful, experience! The influx of phone calls and text messages before and after the race attested to how many loving, kind people I am lucky enough to have in my life. (#blessed)

Also, thanks to all of you, I surpassed my fundraising goal of $2,500! Christmas in the City is an inspiring local non-profit run completely by volunteers and your money will support the homeless and underprivileged children of Boston and the greater Boston area. There are only 244 days until Christmas but, in donating, you embody the holiday spirit of giving all year round! On behalf of Christmas in the City, thank you. Also, if you're around Boston, there are many other ways to get involved with CITC so check out their website and reach out if you're interested!

Finally, **about to step off my Boston Marathon soapbox** Marathon Monday 2015 is an experience I will never forget and, again, thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me. I am attaching a few pictures if you didn't catch me throughout the race.

Hope you are well!



Molly. A great day!

February 2015


View from Inside

Christmas 2014

Christmas Day at Lori & Jim's

2014 Christmas Pajamas; pink & grey
Christmas Word Games

Christmas Eve at Mia & John's


Alexander & James

Deahn & Carol

Katie & Friend

John's Christmas Socks

John & Dan

Bette's Birthday Party at Deahn's

Yiayia's birthday video, a gift from her grandson Charles

Bette's Birthday Party at Deahn's

Yiayia's birthday video, a gift from her grandson Charles

Everybody's Home!

November 27, 2014

Charlie was in the kitchen all day, chopping, peeling, mixing, boiling, roasting, warming, till it all got on the table, and he could relax.
While the little ones, Lily, Lindesy, & Piper, played somewhere in the house, the big ones entertained each other.

Molly & Alexander

Charles & Mum

2014 Trip to Greece

July 27, 2014 to August 20, 2014

Click on photo to see more.

Alexander's Commencement
Brown University

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Alexander & his Roomate

James's Commencement
Providence College

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Easter 2014
Everybody's Home!

April 20st

Pappou, our Chef!

Molly, Uncle John, Auntie Mia, & Charles

Laura, Mum, & Dad

Piper, Lily, Lindsey, & Auntie Deahn

Molly & Uncle John

Laura, Molly, Lori, Mia, & James

Russell, Deahn, Alexander & Charlotte

Russell, Deahn, Alexander, Charlotte, Laura, Molly, Mia, Lori, & James

Greek Gods and Goddesses Day

February 21st

Piper is Artemis

San Antonio

February 15 to February 23

Our big red rental roadster.

San Antonio cares about Bikers

A stop on the biking trail along the river.

The River Walk

Home, sweet home in Texas.

At the airport. Jim & James back to work and school

Lindsey, Laura, Molly, Lori, and Christa, Molly's wonderful housemate.
An afternoon Texas treat. Boiled peanuts and beer.
Ray & Molly's Surprise. An afternoon at the bottom of the earth.

On Ray's fence
Fun while waiting for dinners.



Christmas Home


Christmas 2013

Cchristmas Eve at Mia's

Mia & Uncle Dan

Charles & Lily

Christmas Day at Lori's

Let it Snow!

Fall 2013

Dinner Guests from China

Mia's Colleagues from the Trajectory Inc. Beijing Office

Charlie cooked a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner for Jane and Vivian, who had never eaten or seen a turkey.
Vivian, Jane, Piper, Charles & Lily
A memorable eveing for all of us!

Celebrating Fall Family Birthdays

James & Russell, September 15
Jim, September 24
Molly, October 5
Lindsey, October 10
John, October 11
Lori, October 12

Pappou Deep-Frying & Everybody Eating: calamari, chicken, vegetables
Happy Birthday to You & Happy Birthday to Molly in San Antonio!

Memories of Summer 2013

POPS on the Heights

21st Annual Concert
The Barbara and Jim Cleary Scholarship Gala
September 27, 2013

A Perfect Evening: Boston College, the Boston POPS, My Cousins Barbara and Claire, . . .

. . .and Charlie!.

Walking on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston

Seventy-five pianos are scattered about Boston and 36 other cities as part of “Play Me, I’m Yours,” a five-year international public art project.
I played “I’ll Get By as Long as I Have You” on each of the 4 pianos we found on the Greenway.

House Guests from Vero Beach
Angela & Sonny

Angela, Sonny & Gloucester Harbour

Rockport, Massachusetts

Angela, Sonny, Linda, Bob, Charlie, Bette
Dinner at Ipswich Bay Yacht Club

Annual Poker Dinner
Oldtown Country Club, Newbury, Massachusetts
August 20, 2013

Mike, Chris, Oliver, Bill, Don, Charlie, Sanford

Laura: Volleyball!

Volleyball Camp at Endicott College
Teammates, Junior Varsity Volleyball Team, Masconnomet High School

School's Out!

Lindsey and Friend Ali: Lemonade for Sale!
Lindsey Reading Harry Potter, Book 7
Lindsey and Friend Erica at Barnes & Nobles' Harry Potter Night

Charles, Lily, Piper & Auntie Deahn on the Trampoline!

Charles, Lily, Piper & Auntie Deahn

Summer Family Birthday Party

Charlotte, August 20th
Charlie, July 21st

Mia, John, Charlie, Charlotte

Charlie, Lori & Laura

Alexander, Mia & John

Charles, Piper, Lily & Lindsey

Lori, Laura, James

Charlotte, Deahn, Russell

Demi's 90thBirthday Celebration

August 11, 2013, 2013


Charlie, Demi, Christine

Demi with Friend Louise (96)

Demi with Cousin Florence (90)

Demi & Cousin Mary

Mia & Ellen

Ethyl & Al

Peter, Elayne, Mom

Kristen, Emily & Friend, Ted

John & Lori

Elayne & Yiayia

Jim & Friend

Chris, Vicki, Mary Ann

Piper, Lily & Lindsey

John, Jim & Russell

Jay & Mary Ann



Jim & Chris

Peter & Elayne

Lorayne, Vicke, Katerina & George

Demi & Cousin Jim

Lisa & Ethyl

Deahn, Christine, Eleni & Maria

Jay, Katerina & Ellen

Yiayia & Pappou

All Dressed Up!

March 23, 2013

Lily, Charles, and Piper

The Jungle Book Kids
Starring PIPER as Baloo

July 26, 2013, 2013

"My favorite numbers are 2 and 57. I like sparkles and I believe in unicorns."
Piper's Bio, The Jungle Book Program



Cousin Charlotte

Auntie Deahn

Cousin Laura

Uncle Jim

Cousin Molly

Auntie Lori

Front: Lindsdy, Lily, Piper, Deahn, Charlotte
Back: Lori, Yiayia, Mia, Charles, Molly, Jim, Laura

Hellenic Center, Ipswich, MA
July 13, 2013


With Patrice and John Tierney, the BEST U.S. Congressman!

Brunch at Peggy's

Cousin/Father Paul, home from Taiwan, where, as a Maryknoll Missionary,
he helps those in desperate need.
June, 2013

Delicious brunch, sip of champagne, wonderful conversation! A memorable morning for all of us: Peggy, Sharon, Paul, Charlie & me!
Being with Paul again was a highlight of my life.
Peggy's Florida Home


Boston College Commencement
May 20, 2013

Boston College Class of 2013

Class of 2013!

Proud Mom!

Proud Parents!

Alexander, James, Molly & Lindsey

Laura, Alexander, Yiayia & James

Molly & Yiayia

Baccalaureate Mass in Conti Forum, Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pappou & the Celebratory Roasting of the Lamb. Not much left.

Books by our daughter Deahn Leblang and my brother Jack Flynn.

A Roanoke Story by Deahn Berrini
Deahn's historical novel, A Roanoke Story,"takes us as close as we are likely to get to an understaning of the thoughts, feelings, world, and actions of Native American men and women who could not leave any trace in the written record of themselves or of what they thought of the strangers who enered their lands." --James Horn, author of A Kingdon Strnage: The Brief and Tragic hisotry of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.
How to Earn Your Keep by Deahn Berrini
Deahn's second novel, How to Earn Your Keep, takes a hard look at how economic stress can unravel one's morality. Kit Lavoie has lost a college scholarship and is back at home working for a personal injury lawyer. She is also responsible for her childlike mother and her sexually unsure and impulsive brother Larry. When her boss enlists her help to snare a wealthy defendant who could make the firm millions, Kit willingly goes along--until the facts of the case pits Kit's conscience against her need ot make a living.
Milkweed by Deahn Berrini
Deahn's first novel, Milkweed, takes place in her home town, Ipswich, Massachusetts, during the Vietnam War. A young woman, Cassandra, finds that her returning veteran, Mark, is no longer the same person she has known, loved, and waited for. Intelligent and thougthful, Cassandra draws the reader in as she makes choices about her relationship with Mark, her friends, and her own future.,
We Came to Fight a War by Jack Flynn, as remembered and told to him by Alvin Kotler.
I call Jack's book My Brothers' Book because it was written by my younger brother Jack about my older brother Bill, a B-17 pilot during World War II. Bill died last year, and, at his wake, an elderly man stepped up to the coffin, pinned wings on my brother's lapel, then stood back and saluted. The man was Al Kotler, the radio gunner and last living member of Bill's crew. He began telling stories to Jack, which resulted in this book.
It's Okay to Lie if Your Fingers are Crossed by Jack Flynn
According to the author, "young Billy Flynn is determined to find truth and direction in spite of a family that opposes him at every turn and a neighborhood populated by a host of zany, insensitive, un-politically correct characters who aspire to little and value even less. It is an adult story for adults who still have some kid in them and kid story only under the cautionary umbrella of PG-13."
Buddy Reardon by Jack Flynn
Buddy Reardon is a unique kid. For him, "center field" is the center of the known universe, and the Lone Ranger is his spiritual guide and mentor in a confusing pre-sixties world. Negotiating survival with his unwitting family, Buddy maneuvers like a caveman stalking an unpredictable wooly mammoth. When family plans threaten his destined rendezvous with a special Lone Ranger Anniversary Radio Show (in which the Lone Ranger himself is to appear unmasked) Buddy resorts to secretive, unusual, even bizarre tactics. He will allow nothing to stand between him and that show.

Jack Flynn
February 19, 1959--November 25, 2018

John Murray Flynn of Raymond New Hampshire passed away at his home on November 25, 2018. Born and raised in Stoneham, Massachusetts, he graduated from Stoneham High School in 1957. As a freshman at Salem State College, inspired by Jack Kerouacs On The Road, Jackie shocked everyone, especially his family, by dropping out of school and hitch-hiking cross country to San Francisco, subsequently earning a B.A. in English Literature from San Francisco State University.

He returned after a few years to live in Marblehead, where his passion for acting became a reality. During those years, he starred in 29 theatrical productions with such companies as The Marblehead Little Theatre, The Mugford Street Players, The Swampscott Theatre Company, The Salem Theater Ensemble, The Village Players in Topsfield, and the North Shore Music Theatre. Some of his most memorable performances were as Joe in "The Shadow Box," Whiteside in "The Man Who Came to Dinner," and Virgil in "Bus Stop."

Jack later moved to Raymond, New Hampshire, gradually taking smaller parts in local theatre companies and beginning his writing career. He has published three books, two novels based on his childhood and "We Came to Fight a War", a beautiful story of his brother Bill, a B-17 Pilot, as told to him by Bills Radio Gunner Alvin Kotler. c Jack was an avid baseball player in his youth, a dedicated softball player in retirement, at ten years old a devoted buddy to his cousin Barbara confined to a wheelchair after polio, and years later a caring husband to Jeanne and so proud of her talent as an artist. Jack was also a young rebel without a cause; an older hippie with a cause; always a raging liberal; sometimes tough on his family and friends, but always soft and loving with his dog Gabby; not religious, but devoted to St. Anthony, whom he claimed "never, ever disappointed me."

And, finally, Jack was a grouchy old man whom we loved. Jack leaves his son Sean Flynn, his grandson Nicholas, his sister Bette Tsoutsouras; 10 nephews and nieces: Nancy Jacobson, Bill Flynn, Don Flynn, Arthur Flynn, John Flynn, Mary Teresa Doyle, Deahn Leblang, Lori Byman, Mia Morgan; his best friend and devoted nephew Mike Flynn; and first cousins Peggy Ann Murphy and Father Paul Duffy.

A funeral Mass for Jack was held on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 10 am at St. Patricks Church, with his cousin Father Paul Duffy as the celebrant.

Donations can be made to the Ed Walsh Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in the greater Boston area (edwalsh Ed Walsh, who was married to Jack's cousin Joan, was a Boston firefighter who lost his life in a 2014 nine-alarm fire.

--Published in The Marblehead Reporter


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